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Welcome to Gentle Endodontics! Our practice’s name tells the story of our approach to endodontic treatment. We strive to provide our patients with the highest level of care using evidence-based therapies and the latest technologies creating the ideal environment for optimal root canal treatment.

Comforting Surroundings

We have made every effort to ensure you experience a relaxing and comfortable visit the moment you walk into our clinic. Dr. El-Refai and her staff provide you with thoughtful amenities creating the ideal surrounding to make your visit worth while and supported by highly professional staff.

Gentle Care

We understand that on-going dental pain, recurrent pain and traumatic dental injuries are all reasons that affect our quality of life and require skillful expertise to address those concerns so we can return to enjoying our daily lives. That’s why we spend time to explain every process in detail, familiarize you with the equipment we use, and give you an extra bit of pampering for the best dental experience . Our board-certified anesthesiologist is available for any patient who requests it. Confidence in Dr. El-Refai and her staff is one of the many reasons our patients recommend us to their friends and family.

Exceptional Technology

Dr. El-Refai always puts the needs of her patients first, investing in the latest state of the art technological advancements to ensure precise, minimally invasive treatment whenever possible. Our Morita X 800 CBCT scanner is designed specifically for endodontic treatment. Its 3D imaging capabilities are the foundation of every treatment plan. The Gentle Wave® Procedure allows us to thoroughly yet gently clean the complex anatomy of the root canal system to prevent recurring infections and protect the integrity of the affected tooth.

Why Dr. El-Refai?

Dr. Nivine El-Refai has over 20 years of experience in root canal therapies. She takes every precaution to ensure your safety and successful treatment outcome at every turn, including placing permanent fillings to ensure the tooth is protected against coronal microleakage (one of the main causes of root canal failure). She specializes in treating the most severe endodontic issues, including:

  • Severely calcified tooth canals
  • Internal and external tooth resorption
  • Dental trauma
  • Tooth pain
  • Coronal (tooth pulp) leakage
  • Dental emergencies

Dr. El-Refai makes every effort to see emergency patients and anyone suffering from severe pain on the same day. Relaxing techniques and various anesthetics are available to relieve pain so that you receive the treatment you need without any delay.

If you have a dental emergency or are suffering from dental pain and would like an appointment, please contact Gentle Endodontics at Nivine Y. El-Refai, BDS, DDS, MSD, Inc. office Phone Number 330-721-1350.

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Endodontic Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of endodontic procedures, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to root canal therapy are discussed.

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